Today I needed.


Writing. Everyday I think of something I could be writing. I think of my children, my husband and travels that I could be writing down. This personal history would be for the ones left when I’m gone. They might not want to read my words or feel my feelings that I collected on this short journey, but they will have the option.

Memory. Many of gone away from me. I’ve held onto bins of items, papers and photos hoping that they may jar a moment. I wonder if I’ll be diagnosed with something. Then other memories are sharp and strong. I’m going to very poorly paraphrase something that was meaningful, “we live in a loop of memories, just reliving the same over and over.” I think it was from True Detectives.

Life. Each day when I’m trying between my home and a little college town I see the cycles of life through the animals that violently run away from the sound of my car. Bunnies then rabbits, fawn then deer, and today a wee turtle. The road is the worst place to be as an animal, unless you’re driving.

This morning I felt in love with my surroundings. I listened to the birds, to the water behind the brush, I saw the big sky hanging over me. When I was on my bike, breathing hard, peddling fast to get to an appointment I was so thankful to be where I am now. DSC_0229

What If? What If Every Parent Opted Out Their Child from the State Tests?


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What if every parent said, “I refuse”?

What if every parent said, “My child is not taking the test”?

What if everyone said, “No, thank you, I’d rather not”?

The message would resound from one corner of the nation to the others. It would be heard by the Congress, now about to impose another seven years of annual testing on the nation’s children, even though no high-performng nation in the world tests every child every year. It would be heard by the President, who says teachers should not teach to the test, but that teachers who can’t produce high test scores don’t belong in the classroom. It would be heard by Arne Duncan, who said that testing is taking the joy out of learning, but nonetheless insists that every child take the test every year, no excuses. It would be heard by governors and legislators. They would hear the voice…

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Time to Slow Down Testing



I wrote a letter for the Action Network letter campaign “Roll Back Standardized Testing”.

Your voice can help make a difference! Use this letter to urge your Senators and Representative in the U.S. Congress to support a reduction in standardized testing to once each in elementary, middle and high schools, while ending punitive sanctions. The House and Senate education committees plan to start re-writing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (also known as NCLB) by mid-February. You can strengthen your message by adding your own comments, such as your and your children’s personal experiences with overtesting. Thank you.

Can you join me and write a letter? Click here:


We Need to Stand with these Parents!


We’re called as Americans to stand with each other to hold back impositions of government. Even if we don’t agree with the parents.

There are large issue weaved through out this case. I can see how it’s important to uphold the choices of parents but there are grey areas that needs to be talked about. How do we decide if the child is in danger? How much room do we want to give the state to impose on parenting decisions? Do the children feel in danger, are their voices heard? I think it’s sad that this case is going to “set precedence” and that in their county they have to 18 or older to be left alone.

I air on the side of less state involvement even if that leaves some children at more of a risk. I also feel that it highlights a need for parent community and connections. I think we need to understand and respect each other even if we don’t fully agree with other each other. I hope they back off this family, the kids seem really happy.


Discrimination and Oppression are still happening. Today.


“The U.S. Supreme Court set for April 28 arguments on whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.

State legislatures across the country, assuming that the right will be affirmed, are taking up bills that would make it easier for businesses and individuals to opt out of serving gay couples on religious grounds.” – New York Times

Don’t be fooled into complacency, there is still a very real need to be active in combating acts such as these. New forms of oppression and discrimination are being legally supported. What does that show us about our legal system? Why is this okay?

Sunday with Eleanor



Oh Eleanor loves Sundays! I tend to think about the week ahead, hang around the house and try to make something. Eleanor here sleeps all day and shoots us dirty looks such as this one when she wakes. She’s sassy.



She loves to find a warm spot in front of the TV even if it means she gets sat on. She is not amused. (Note: the eclectic mix of colors in this pic was on purpose, this would not make it into my personal collection.)

Enjoy your day! I’ll be listening to Krista Tippett’s book and trying to figure out how to remove glue off on whiskey bottle (don’t ask).

MLK to Me the white lady.


MLK, Jr. had a dream that one day all sons will be together in brotherhood. He speaks of liberation from injustice and oppression. He speaks of a place where children will be judged by their character. He dreams that white children and black children will hold hands. He dreams of crooked places made straight and we will all see them together. He speaks of faith that allows us to work together, to pray together, struggle together. His utopian dream is still just that, a dream. It’s from my heavy heart that I write today how far we have come but so much farther we have to go. His words resonate down to my core, they make me angry and devastated, they make me hopeful that some day we will be free at last from our old ways. Whether we’re referring to equality of races or classes these are pressing issues that we need to examine within our cultures. Small steps are all that’s needed. Small steps will still take us on large journeys.

Review: Black Mirror


I’m on the second season and really adore these self-contained episodes. They’re produced and acted very well. The stories have just the right mix of tech and instinctual behaviors. The social commentary found in these episodes will leave you wanting more. Don’t get too wrapped up, there are only 6 episodes on Netflix.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.20.10 AM