I wonder what life would be if I didn’t eat grains or sugars for 9 months. That’s take dedication for me, lots of it. I have a few weeks to decide. I’m on a weight loss program for six weeks but after that I’m considering making that commitment for the rest of the year. I don’t think I want to go Paleo, the workouts seem really heavy. I do want to eventually build muscle but not for a while and slowly. I’ve been on my program for five days and I feel like I’ve lost some weight. I’m not sure though, my scale was off from the one at my weigh in. I’ve wanted some chocolate and some melted cheese, I was cursing under my breathe and staring at the treats in my kitchen.

The first three days I only ate protein, I wanted an apple so badly. Yesterday I washed and cut a beautiful Fuji ( I really didn’t care what type it was) indulged myself in its loveliness. Eating vegetables and fruits started in Day 4, I had eggs and bacon for breakfast, salad with a bit of chicken and feta at lunch, and beef with onions and peppers for dinner. Portion control is hard, and slowing down my eating helps make that easier. Now I’m trying to psych myself into thinking this is how I eat for the next 9 months.

I’d love to hear from some people that already eat this way


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