I began this blog for a new reason, this is my third blog and I intend for it be something worth reading. I’ve struggled with my weight for about 15 years. I ordered Betsy Schow’s book Finished being Fat and began to read it. It’s about finishing things that you start, weight loss is the one area that I haven’t finished my goal. Typically I’m good about getting done what I need to, but there is some kind of block.

I’m also reading A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson. I’m on the third lesson and as long as you can see past the terms “God” and “Divine Mind” scattered all over the place I think she has something in there. I’ve been doing even the most ridiculous of tasks, like writing to my Not-Thin self and allowing it to respond, just following through the tasks to see where it might lead.

A bit of advice that I’ve found helpful is to be open and just do. You never know where it can plant you.

I’m upstairs and I can hear my kids downstairs being loud, they haven’t stopped talking since they rolled out of bed. I am not in the mood this morning.

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