Check in


Today I met with my nutritionist after the first week and I lost 4 pounds. I wasn’t too impressed with this, since I’ve been here before. I like thinking about losing 4 pounds over the next 5 weeks and hitting my weight goal. I also went to a chiropractor who really put me through the treatment, it was great! I’m taking a probiotics, maybe forever, to replenish the damage of 10 years of antibiotics I took while I was a kid and having my gal bladder removed. I tried not to let myself get too worried, I tend to dwell on illnesses. My nutritionist seemed to respect my chiropractors advice and now they can join hands and make out, in front of me, that would just make my week. All is well today. Weekly goal: sleep through the night. 


PS- My chiro (I like calling him that cause it sounds close to gyno) is anti-vaccinations. I’m not sure how to feel about his chat where he proceeded to rail on western medicine, I think I agree with most of it, but I don’t want to just agree because it’s all the rage. My kids are vaccinated and are healthy. More thoughts to come.


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