Assess my eyes.


Today was kind of an eye-opening day, I feel like these first three months of the year have been filled with newness.  Today I took my kids to speak with a psychologist that specializes in gifted children and can assess for many other things (I saw ‘things’ because it’s just simpler, not because I’m simple). Initially she gave me some ideas about what to do and what she thought might help my boys, both have very different needs.  I set an appointment for additional testing and assessing in a couple of months.  I’ve never thought about my kids being gifted or having ADHD or dyslexic, but all these terms are fresh in my mind. This also brings up some questions about my own behavior and life. I want to wait until I have more thorough information until I begin spilling my guts about parenting kids with this or that specialness. It’s just all weird and new. 

Tonight we made one bedroom a sleeproom for my two boys and their other room is a playroom with both of their belongings. It was amazing how thrown off N was about the change. He was open to it, but very worried about getting it all back together and just right. Then he manages to be buck naked in front of his window at night, and doesn’t think twice about his show. 

N also told me that he’s not sure he likes home schooling. I talked to him about how we could make it more like he was envisioning. He said he wants to be in a school with ‘freedom’. That’s not going to be easy to find. It seems like he thinks because we aren’t doing school at home that he’s not learning anything, (I wonder who might be telling him this) I tried to tell him that learning wasn’t what is happening in public schools, so to measure our learning that way isn’t going to work. Man, this is hard! 


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