Run and Break


I woke this morning to the alarm to run my van for routine maintenance. A couple hours later we had a visit from a real estate agent, she delivered bad news very nicely.  We’ll be waiting to sell our house, doing a couple updates around here and then we’ll see.  I worked for a couple hours, went to pick up the van.  The damn thing broke down at 5 p.m., RUSH HOUR. The traffic was backing up behind me and fortunately my darling man was in the line of cars.  He ran over and bought a tank and filled it.  Some guy (thank you guy!) pushed me around the corner to get out of the way. I was still in the road, but not the main road. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I went to get more gas, filled and no luck. Daniel then pushed the van around another corner on a residential street.  We called AAA, we love AAA. Steven (AAA man) brought us more gas, no go. He called Jerry. Jerry (2nd AAA guy) had sharp blues eyes and no front teeth, he took a look at a couple things on the van. No starting. Jerry towed it to our garage, the one I had just left a couple hours earlier. I came home between AAA guys and made taco meat for the family, well kind of, Daniel had to finish up.

It’s 8:30, he’s still working and I’m investigating graduate programs in Cincinnati. It’s been a long time in the works, I’ve tried a couple programs in the past and they weren’t what I wanted to get into. But then I stumbled (literally I was reading about emotional intelligence on four other sites when I saw this) upon a certification in of Development & Learning Sciences. Yes and yes. The courses look perfect, the time frame looks perfect and there’s research involved. Life is grand until I see that I have to take the GRE, damn it. One hurdle to jump before I can get set and on my way. That was my day, busy, wrought with good and bad news, but I’m happy. I know where I’m going to live, I know what I want to do around my house. The only open decision is about the boy’s school and that seems like cake after everything I’ve processed today. 

I’ve been considering getting tested for ADHD, I’m sure this has come about from the recent trip to a psychologist for my kids, but it might be the answer to so many jumbled pieces of my life and theirs. It’s mostly not about me, but I tend to make it about me. Maybe not. 


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