No holiday for you.


When I think about Easter, I don’t get excited about an egg hunt, I get excited about ham. We aren’t religious, but I enjoy making jokes about the Southern Baptists. The few years I attended a Southern Baptist church as an adult gave me just enough fuel for some jokes. I won’t be making an obligatory visits to church tomorrow. I’ll be at home sleeping in and thanking THE LORD for sleeping in. I might eat a donut. 

It takes as much time to clean out our house, as it did to load up our house. We’ve been on a major cleaning kick.  I’m going to a local bookstore today to sell my books back, and it’s beginning to pay off. Well kind of. We have a three floor, 100 year-old house, it’s provided us plenty of room to store our stuff. I’ve been reading Minimalism and I really want to clean out and simplify in many ways, the house is just our first. 

I’m looking for a career change. How do people manage to find what they want to do for a career? I’m having the hardest time making a decision or step in one direction. I’m sure it’s linked to my undiagnosed ADHD and my mother, at least that’s my story. I’d like to just pick a direction and move. My options are:

  • graduate studies in development & learning sciences
  • write, become a writer, and churn out a couple books that I have waiting
  • start my own business in freight brokerage (with the help of my dad)
  • work for a non-profit in an finance capacity (current work)
  • start my own business in some other area of which I know nothing about
  • take an apprenticeship and learn a trade

You see, it’s suffocating.


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