Moving On.


Having the past three years of living full time with my step daughter has definitely brought about a lot of growth for me. Times weren’t always good, but after adjusting, I’d have to say that I enjoyed having her around. Her mom and grandmother connect with her in different way than I do. This seems to be an issue for her, now she’s moving back to her moms.

Eight years ago when I moved in with my husband the words that were said by their mom, the anger from their family divorcing was placed at least partially on me, the whore. This made the start of a new relationship not so easy and I think it never has been.

Mother-daughter relationships are not my strength, but I was hoping for something more with her.  I can look back now and see things I would have done and said differently, can’t we all? I can see that what I wanted, was never an option with my step-kids. This makes the anger that was fueled at me easier to handle.

I don’t want to look at it as failing, because I don’t think it was a pass fail relationship, but rather I look at it as growth in a different direction. I’m sad to see her go, I know down deep there is a funny charming girl, that I’d like to know better.


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