9 years old



Soon he’ll be nine years. I was outside pulling weeds when I had an abruption and my uterus began to contract. I lost so much blood that they took him emergency c-section. I was put to sleep and no one was allowed in the room. I had a couple transfusions and he spent 3 weeks in ICU. He weighed 5lb. 4 oz. I called him TT (tiny toes). We would visit him at the hospital, hold him and feed him. We spent an evening with him in the hospital to make sure he was good to leave. He was so small and I was scared. Shortly after that he plumped up (probably from the high calorie formula he was given). Now he’s almost as tall as me, you would never have known he was 8 weeks early.

The other day he lost his last baby tooth, his thought was that the Tooth Fairy was going to bring him $15 for it.  He’s quick at understanding mathematical concepts which he says will help him when he becomes an engineer and architect. He says he’s going to college, but refuses to attend school now.

He can make friends with the anyone, but the other day he came up to the car and said he wanted to “play with that girl” but was afraid to ask her.  He walked over and said, “Hi, I’m Braeden, you want to see what I built?” His hesitation caught me off guard, just yesterday he collected a friend while climbing a tree.  He’s loyal to past friends, asking about them, wishing to have time with them even after years of separation.

He’s thoughtful and sweet. He’ll rub on your back and crawl around with the animals to pet and love them. He doesn’t like thinking about cruelty and death, but does sometimes. He’s fearless when it comes to climbing, scaling trees and boulders.

He loves candy. You can pretty much bribe him with candy for anything (I never have though). It’s an enemies secret weapon.

When he plays soccer he hops around and is not agressive at all with his tactic. He gets focused on the game, but still waves and blow kisses as he jogs by.

Outdoors is his favorite place, hiking, biking and building outdoor structures.

I feel he is going to be great, nothing is going to stop him, and I love him so deeply.


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