25 days


Being consistant is more important to me than being right. Over the past couple weeks we’ve been staying with family while we try to sell our house, this has taught me so much. First, I don’t really know my family. Second, I’m not too good with relating to people that have hang ups; like a hatred of government, or hatred of certain races, etc. Third, I like my space, I almost need my personal space where I can be accepted and appreciated.

This summer will be major in my world, I’m hoping to be accepted to a university. I’m trying to build a new community of friends. I’m considering new short term plans, with the long term plan in mind. As I age, I’m able to temper my feelings of frustration about my lack of worldliness, and appreciate my home just slightly more.

I want to be happier with my life, with my people. Finding my thoughts going to the negative, is something I really need to work on. I want to feel thankful and lucky with each day. I want to like my short time on this Earth, otherwise why trudge through it?

I want to express my passion to my lovers.

So this difficult time is sure to lead to a brighter one. My hard time now, is nothing compared to others, but who’s comparing. When the shit gets hard, it’s just rough until it’s done. I just hope I can walk out with a smile.


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