Scrambled Eggs


Since we found a renter for our house, I’ve been on able to focus on my families education options. I’ve applied to a master’s program at the local university (status pending) and next week we’re going to visit the local school for our kids (I’m a little afraid). Academic learning is a means to an end, there are so many other ways of learning, that I’d like them to explore. But this coming week I’m hoping to have enough information to make some decisions about how my kids will spend their time learning and how I’m learning in the field I’d like to work for the next 20 some years. Damn that seems like a long time. 

Moving to a new part of town, has shown me what I take for granted. I had friends, and my kids had friends that we saw regularly. Everything was closer, and more active.  We had decent food options. Of course there are positives about being out in the country, which I won’t bore you with. I just miss some of my familiar parts of the city, for now. 

I wrote this blog because I just got an email that said I should blog more, not because I think most of this is entertaining or worth typing. Just to see where it takes me. 


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