Personality Junk


My first compulsion that I need to get over is my obsession with checking out stacks of library books makes me look much smarter at the library. Second, keeping a journal with all my rants and complaints. A friend I once had told me I should not write anything negative in my journals. WTF? I’d have no journals. And last, because I like to end on three, working to streamline my computer usage, I typically save ideas and writings all over my computer and the internet, now I have to get my act in order if I want to be able to present my ideas. I can view these compulsions as set back but they do pay off in some cases, like when that really bad picture of Daniel is missing from my computer, later found to be published when he least expects. My valuable advice would be to just accept yourself and the changes will come if you really want. Blah, that was so boring.


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