Journey to Writing


For years I’ve wanted to write about my life experiences. I’ve lived through parents that are abusive to me and themselves, less than 50% of my pregnancies are alive, I left my first husband and now live with a wonderful man that I frequently take for granted. I’m a graduate student in education, living in the country for the first time, dealing with so many internal struggles that I feel like I could write for the rest of my life and not be done. Today I just sat down to write and this is what I came up with, it’s strange:

Hardly able to find the words to explain her meaning in the sentence was the immediate set back for her. Many years she spent planning to write her story, then she’d hear, that really no one wants to read about other people’s lives. The first step was to select her focus, she heard, and once you find your focus you can begin to draw in your audience. These types of advance did more than just help her critique her writing, they stopped her from writing. Writing in the third person is more challenging than I thought.


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