A Time for Thankfulness


When this time of year comes around, I plug in my apple cinnamon Glade refill. There is something that sparks emotions about this time of year. It could be the snow, the apple pies and pumpkin flavors at Starbucks, I’m not sure but I love sweaters and my family, those are enough to celebrate.

My two boys are my mirrors, they make me a better person and love me unconditionally and I’m grateful for them. They’re both so complicated and precious. They are my two surviving children I love them.Image

Daniel is my lover, my partner and my perspective on many parts of my life. I’m grateful to have him as my companion. When he wears sweaters he looks super hot, and when he smiles it melts my heart. He’s my rock.


I’m grateful for my family, even though we have different ideas about this Earth, they’re always there and offer me many chances for learning. I love them all.

Take time to be thankful for your life, the people you love and even the ones you don’t.

And read this: http://www.theminimalists.com/black-friday/

There are so many of us that fall into the consumer trap of the season. It’s all playing into the hands of large corporations that exist to just suck the life and money out of us and to spread harmful messages to us and our kids.  We have to break the imposed ideas, find fulfillment in more than physical items. The health of our society depends on it.

Boo, on big business. If you’re going to buy gifts, go small.


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