Currently I can be found standing at a workbench, reaching for my tools, working over them, felling their weight and torque.

We are all students of our worlds, learning is our greatest training. Learning has no boundaries, no finish line, no graduation. This can be said for humans. From my small collection of experiences, I’ve come to understand that there is no finale of person. When we are dying– we are living and our contributions to self and community are all that will have mattered.    

This must be at the base of how we create a system of educating ourselves.  Happiness and success does not need definition, although we have created a system of education that makes these assumptions for our children. I think we can all find that our goals for education lead back to those two main desires. Our plans of how to achieve happiness and success are given to us from a very young age. We need to open this plan up, break it apart and create new for those that want the freedom to find success and happiness according to their definitions.

If we were able to remove focus from the products of our construction, to our larger Earthly collections, education would serve to build up what we have broke down. 

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