At the same tim…


At the same time, public education (including college education) risks becoming irrelevant to young people ‘s lives as the power of popular culture programming is increasing dramatically, as the information age further undermines public education’s claim to a monopoly on useful knowledge, and as the idea of a unified public is disappearing and is being replaced by the idea of communities of identity and affinity. In the face of these conditions, we affirm the importance of the idea of public education, while also recognizing that this idea has to be thoroughly recast or reformed rather than merely reformed.

Quote for Promises to Keep, edited by Greg Dimitriadis and Dennis Carlson 

To me this quote is spot on. The American education system has held onto their identity of superior knowledge. They’ve worked for centuries to maintain their reputation, now watching it slowly be stripped away, they are fighting with every last inch of their being. Teachers are fighting to keep their respect, policy makers are fighting to hold on to their dignity and parents are fighting to do what’s best, when ‘best’ is no longer clear. 

Our children are the leaders, they can show us how to stay current globally, how to learn and how to use our skills to advice our society is to step away, loosen our grip and watch. You can hear the mumbles of anger and dissatisfaction from all involved, but the path to revolution is scary and we’re afraid.


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