Educating for Human Greatness


Human Greatness

Ask yourself, on a scale of zero to five, how well your school and/or family are doing in developing each of these fundamental powers:

  1. The power of identity: To what degree does your school/home help students know who they are, see their great potential as contributors, and develop their unique talents, gifts, interests and abilities? ______
  2. The power of inquiry: To what degree is your school/home nurturing curiosity and helping students learn how to ask good questions? Do teachers and parents set an example of a curious, inquiring attitude? _______
  3. The power of interaction: To what degree does my school/home promote respect, courtesy, caring, communication, and cooperation? ______
  4. The power of initiative: How much does this school/home foster self-directed learning, self-reliance, will power and self-evaluation? ______
  5. The power of imagination: How much does this school/home nurture creativity and creative expression?  ______
  6. The power of intuition: How much does this school/home help students discover truth with their hearts as well as with their minds? _______
  7. The power of integrity: To what degree does this school/home develop honesty, character, morality and responsibility for self? _______
  8. The power of partnership: To what degree do teachers and parents work as full partners to help students grow their genius and be active contributors to the school, home and community? _____

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