Dream School-Community Centered Education


If I were going to start an education program/school it would include:

Children in poverty need more than just academics and in my school I intend to support these students in areas of need. Whether they need to eat or a place to feel safe, their basic needs must be met. Whether it’s connecting with social services, community groups, these relationships need to be genuine and solid. School counselors will be critical for the children, along with community education for families.

– philosophy/debate
– logic
– character building/religion studies
– mathematics/science
– art/technology
– literature/writing
– nature/geography
– sociology/civic action

(Foundation skills like reading and arithmetic would be taught at home or through an extra help program, prior to being admitted to an academic course.)

No grades, age segregation or mandatory attendance. If child falls behind, action will be taken by the administration and family to ensure the student is placed in the proper environment.

Learning plans will be monitored by staffed support; Learning Coaches work with the child, family and administration to establish plan of learning for long and short term. This can change through out the year.

Mentors are a critical part of the education program. Potentially from retired faculty, teachers or just people with an interest. Mentors will provide guidance and support to the student. Mentorships should continue beyond school life and older children may become mentors as well.

Community is essential. Building strong community amongst the children and families will be a main focus of the school.

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