Daily Thoughts


Most of the complaints I’ve heard from teachers are those of resistance to change. They don’t like the way their being “duped”, not appreciated, criticized with a clear path for improvement. These are the same feelings that I’ve heard for years in corporate.

With changing people, should come a change to the education system. We want this people! Trust me, I’m one for returning to the days of old, but not in regards to learning. We have years of collected data, a constant current of curriculum flows into and out of classes and pockets being padded from these tools. The main point is that they’ve left us no closer to the efficiency that we long to achieve in the classroom.

Consider this chain of events: empathy for children–>respect of teachers–>respect of parents–>push on policy makers and admin to support teachers–>less about scores–>children are happier–>they achieve greater knowledge, lead us into a time of innovation and advances–>less power is given to big biz and gov’t, more power to teachers and families.

What can change now? The way in which we value children and the influence we give to testing. One small step at a time seems the best course of action to real change to be made in the current system.

I further my thought experiment by asking you this. How have our views of children affected our approach to teaching them about the world? How would your class be different if you trusted in your children?

Also, I’ve been thinking about schools of culture, groups that can work together that have shared interest in the success of our country. There is an absence of ownership. There is an imbalance of power. We must equalize.


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