“It’s almost like the SPCA commercials.”

My son came out from his room this morning with his bottom lip puckered and starts crying about the book that he’s reading. He’s been engrossed in the Warrior series for a couple of months. He explained there was a scene in his book in where a kit (kitten) was beat up for no reason. “There’s a clan of cats that sometimes beats up cats for the fun of it”, he expresses with contempt.

This isn’t the first time that he’s gotten upset from the book series. I can recall the end of one book where one main cat leaves the clan. It’s the sweet genuine emotion that surfaces from these books that is so precious to me. Having home schooled him this year has given him freedoms of expression that I don’t think he would have had going to a public school and it’s given me a chance to witness him grow into himself. 

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