Not so 16 anymore.


Sixteen. Naive. Work. School. Sex. Drugs. Esteem. Money. Dancing. Clothes. Car. Boys. Laugh. Friends. Sleep-overs. Clock-in. Sweat. Forget. Clock-out. Fight. Sleep. Sex. Drugs. Fight. Sex. Clock-in. Drive. Crash. Work. Grades. Friends. Sex. Music. Dance. Sleep. Fight. Loneliness. Rage.


This post was is for the daily prompt.

My list came from a place of unrest. Many of my memories as a child have been over written by the teen turmoil from when I was 14-18 years old. My reaction after reading over this list again is that of a wish. I wish that in my own children and others they don’t have a list like this when reminiscing of their “sweet 16”.

Oh, to be that age filled with passion even if it’s not recognized until later. Reaching out for dreams with intent and ambition, before the social conditioning of the world soaks silently into our pours and slows us down, scares us, changing our minds for ever.

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