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Over the past year I’ve taken courses in education. I’m not planning to become a teacher or even an administrator. I have bigger plans. My class content spans multicultural education, curriculum innovation and race, ethnicity and education. One common theme from this year is ‘we know the problems’. This is true, we logically know the issues but we rarely hear about how people have acted on the issues. If you live in the a large city like New York or Chicago you may know of the movements that have begun. However, we can’t rely on these movements across the country to represent change for the rest of us. The numbers from the research show us the state of our society (education), but what do we do about it? I’ve read that we should start small, it takes the many small changes to impact a large systemic problem. I’ve heard that we should inspire others through our personal stories. I’ve witnessed ideas of many variety over Quora or Twitter. Somedays I’m motivated to jump in to conversation with both feet but frequently find the conversations don’t lead to action and are circular. In the back of my mind (and my husband) tells me that I need to start my own movement. He says to stop letting fear determine my actions. Most often I find my search for companionship with like minds empty. 

My reason for going to formal college for education was to gain an understanding of how the ‘big’ business and government function to be effective. Maybe ‘most effective’ is just a standard that I need to drop from my list. But for the most part I feel that the university, like the K12 public school system, doesn’t have my educational success at the heart, it has the dollar. 

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