daily thought


“In the old days” is a common lamination. Could it be time to stop reliving and dreaming about the days of old? There are some certain treasured memories from those days, but are they accurately representing the time? Could it be that we’re looking back through the white mans memories? Or through the textbook images of history that left us feeling nostalgic?

Either way, I feel it’s time to begin a new lamination, one for the new community. I call us to think about how we can relate to each other through helping hands, kind words and empathy. I call us to bring our talents and ambitions to a collective path of happiness. I can imagine a community where the “common good” is focused on the common and not the elite, big corporations, and the powerful. We have a voice somewhere down there, it’s rusty, it been since the ‘days of old’ that we’ve used it.

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