Tiny Steps


Today I watched a documentary named Tiny about a guy who built a small house on wheels. His house was cool and he had some great reasons for wanting to live out of a tiny house. 

I feel like I’ve made strides toward a simpler life in the past year. I want to be out west where I can see the other half of the country. I don’t consider living in a tiny house helping nature or make you a better person. In some ways it seems like part of a fad. I would move to a simpler house/life because I want to find the land that I enjoy to live on surrounded by the beauty that inspires me. 

After the show I thought rather than abandoning the “McMansions” it would make more sense to make them a multi-family houses. Bring back the multigenerational housing into popular living, something that is common all over the world.  

Moving from my hometown would feel like I relief and change. When I have newness it seems easier to find my creative ideas and allow them to dwell in my mind longer. I feel free to be more expressive and just enjoy simply who I am. 


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