Loneliness has always been your curse. It’s what you used to cry about the most. I’m tired of being your free time filler when you’re down. Otherwise you’re no where to be found. Either love fully or go away.

Tonight I had to tell my kids about how you are full of empty promises. I had to ensure them that your behaviour was not because they weren’t loved. The moment that I knew they were let down again by your absence made me angry at you. Tonight I cried for them, for they will never feel the gentle unconditional love that they need from you. I cried for myself because it sucks to have been left alone many years ago by the people I needed most. I cried for you because you’re loneliness is the only gift that you had to pass on to your kids.

Tonight I grieve for children (mine included) that won’t ever know how deep strong love feels. I hope to one day find it for myself to share with them.


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