I was early to find room 120 in the warm humid building. Unlike it’s neighbor, this building is aged with shiny cement walls and chipping window sills. Looking out the window in the back of the room 120 you can see the glamorous student building resting only a few yards away. The class before 151 ran over which provided me time to glance awkwardly at my new students. My first students.

We shuffled in, I followed last. I shouldn’t have bought this coffee, I’m going to get hyped, I thought. After my introduction I asked each of them to tell me a little about themselves. To my surprise I have students from all over the globe. Korea, China, Pakistan and Russia.

I had planned to get into the slide show and totally bore them but couldn’t find the code. The half sheet of paper that contained the projector code was discarded on the large table in the front of the room. Only after using it to take a note did I realize what it was. After the class was over.

We chatted for a while about each of their education experiences at home and in the states. They turned papers into me and asked me questions like I knew what I was doing. It was a great first day.

I took the energy after class and walked over to the class organizer and thanked her for giving me the opportunity. What I like most about my experience is that I was able to make them laugh and clap. I was able to turn an hour of their day into something memorable that they can tell their families about.


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