Debate on Embracing the Common Core


Intelligence Squared Debates recently hosted a debate Embracing the Common Core. I took the time to listen to the debate because I’m searching for inspiration and motivation to understand the struggle that exists between DoE and many others. There were some decent points made in the debate but I felt with the exclusion of one comment, the group lacked focus on who the Common Core is created for. To great fault most of the discussion was by adults, on the interests of adults, about the education of children by adults. See a common thread?

Some points to consider:
1. Bureaucracy doesn’t make something more legitimate.
2. Education should be discussed across many age ranges, not just children.
3. Children “deserve” a good education? How has this idea affected our standards and measures of education in our country?
4. Personal stories only reach a very limited audience, when in debate bring on the big guns.
5. Teachers and parents, not administrators, should be working to develop standards for children. Administrators should be acting to support those standards.

I have many more, but as to not overwhelm you I’ll stop there.


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