more than a bump in the road, the first of many


We’ve all heard the grumblings about education. The droning on since — The Beginning. Well maybe not since the very beginning of institutionalized education but not far from it. These grumblings of the incompetent administration, debilitated teachers and victimized students are common place. In recent news and not so recent has education taken a beating. People from all dimensions of education have been ignited to action. Whether it has been changes to the common core or student activism, there’s movement.

I don’t want to offer you another personal story or complaint. I’m writing this to offer an approach, a mindset of education that I feel is critical for change. The first step is the way we view the current education system. Instead of ranting about the faculties, how about we look at some positives.

First, the public school system has allowed many of us a way to pursue careers at the expense of the human collection. We may voice our concerns when we vote down tax increases, when we should appreciate all the tax payers that don’t or never have used the school system but pays into the local districts. There is no exemptions that I’m aware of.

Second, schools are the only place children congregate in such large volumes. This is a huge resource of us interested in social justice, debunking the status quo or facilitators of change. Where else in this country will you find this? It’s a field of possibilities if we only get past our issues and see this gift.

first from a positive voice, then from a constructive voice

These are just the first two positives that come to mind about public education. Feel grateful for our schools, not bullied or enslaved. If as parents and community leaders we collect with constructive plans I believe our ideas are stronger. You can join the opt out movement, home school or attend school board meetings to make your stand. But there needs to be a constructive next step in any of these routes. That’s what I hold everyone accountable for, the next step. What’s yours?

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