It’s everywhere but we can’t see it. Racism.


Here are a couple of articles from Wednesday’s paper that perpetuate the problems within our country:

“A Look at Looking Different”
To be different, there must be a same. We all look different and the same. This title is supporting a binary view that is harmful. Possibly it’s a societal abnormality to think there is a “normal”?

“A Longtime Umpire Says He Is Gay” sits at the top of the Sports Wednesday section while at the bottom of the page is the article “2 Witnesses at Winston Hearing Said to Have Refused to Testify” In the article Scott is elevated on his umpiring abilities and history of great work. Then WHY is his sexuality published as news? You know why.

Where’s the coverage of historical events in race relations? After the many pages on college costs you can find an article on A17 called, “As Guard Begins Pullout, Stepfather of Ferguson Victim is Under Investigation” Really?

These are from The New York Times but there are many news sources that are just as discriminatory.

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