Review: The One I Love


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 7.36.42 AM

Since we watch a lot of movies I thought why not take a moment to share some of my opinions on them. The One I Love begins with a comment stereotype of couples in a marriage that turned sore. They seek therapy after the husband had an affair and it leads them to a get away that will change the coarse of the marriage. At some point in the movie the character realize there are two pairs of the same (or mostly same) couple. This wasn’t explained in the movie and I kind of enjoy being left to wonder. At the end Ethan #1 chooses Sophie #2 to leave with him it made me wonder if Sophie #1 wanted to stay with Ethan #2. It seems realistic for Sophie to be attracted to a slightly different version of her husband especially when their first marriage was not going so well.

If you’re looking for a little something to watch with just enough twist to keep you watching, a realistic love story and an ending that is predictable and yet settling, I would recommend checking it out.

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