We Need to Stand with these Parents!


We’re called as Americans to stand with each other to hold back impositions of government. Even if we don’t agree with the parents.

There are large issue weaved through out this case. I can see how it’s important to uphold the choices of parents but there are grey areas that needs to be talked about. How do we decide if the child is in danger? How much room do we want to give the state to impose on parenting decisions? Do the children feel in danger, are their voices heard? I think it’s sad that this case is going to “set precedence” and that in their county they have to 18 or older to be left alone.

I air on the side of less state involvement even if that leaves some children at more of a risk. I also feel that it highlights a need for parent community and connections. I think we need to understand and respect each other even if we don’t fully agree with other each other. I hope they back off this family, the kids seem really happy.


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