MLK to Me the white lady.


MLK, Jr. had a dream that one day all sons will be together in brotherhood. He speaks of liberation from injustice and oppression. He speaks of a place where children will be judged by their character. He dreams that white children and black children will hold hands. He dreams of crooked places made straight and we will all see them together. He speaks of faith that allows us to work together, to pray together, struggle together. His utopian dream is still just that, a dream. It’s from my heavy heart that I write today how far we have come but so much farther we have to go. His words resonate down to my core, they make me angry and devastated, they make me hopeful that some day we will be free at last from our old ways. Whether we’re referring to equality of races or classes these are pressing issues that we need to examine within our cultures. Small steps are all that’s needed. Small steps will still take us on large journeys.